What switches on the dash light up?

What switches on the dash should light up? I thought they all did but mine don’t anymore. I mean among the (L to R):

  1. power mirror
  2. moonroof
  3. cruise control (+bulb)
  4. dash dimmer
  5. rear defrost (+bulb)
  6. fog light (+bulb)
  7. hazard

Some of them have bulbs that burnt out inside them (as you can see the gray circle on the side of the switch when you take it out) but some don’t. Is there some way to fix the ones without bulbs besides replacing the switch itself? Maybe it’s just a fuse. I dunno. TIA

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My hazard switch has never lit up in the 5 years I’ve had the car. I’m going to check that tonight.

Raging Waters

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