What the HECK is this?!

I pulled a box looking thing out of the hood of my car. on it was labaled PR4. Ive searched on the internet and i have no idea what it is. My car is standard, and i think it has something to do with an automatic tranny. I dont know if my car came standard from factory but i did the VIN number decoding thing and i believe it was standard from factory. this PR4 thing was not hooked up to anything at all, just mounted to my engine? what does it do?

Can you be more specific as to what the box looks like and where it was located. Likewise, pictures would help.

there are many things labeled pr4, you will have to be alot more specific

only thing I can think of that would look like a “box” would be the cruise control or the EGR. Where did it come from?

yup most likely the cruise control module behind the drivers side headlight mounted close to the suspension…

pics wud help

yahh it was behind the driver side headlight near the alternator belt
i do think it was the cruise controll thing, but my car is a standard…how cud it have cruise control? and it wanst hooked up to anything

cruise control works on standard or automatic transmission, it doesn’t change anything. the module is mounted right on top of the driver side engine mount.


hmm really? i didnt noe that
i didnt have a cruise controll button tho
how much do you think this cruise controll module is worth then?
im gunna put up a pic in about half an hour

how much is it worth? nothing.

its worth alot to some people …take it out and ur car mite knock off a sec or 2…lol

okay i didnt take pics, but you guys know what it is, so its worth nothing, and i guess i lost about a pound of weight :slight_smile:
but why was it there? and not hooked up?
nevvvermind…im amusing the cruise controll buttons are on the steering wheel, and mine is an aftermarket…that explains it all

do you have a cruise control button next to the dimmer switch and the sunroof switch if you have one? take a pic if you want us to confirm 100%.

Geez, the things I miss most when they aren’t working are the intermitants and the cruise control.:read:

i am sure it is cruise controll. when i bot the car there was a switch in the spot where the cruise controll switch should have been, except this switch was hooked up to nothing

Perhaps they disabled the cruise control, and put the switch in for something else.

the switch had something to do with ignition i beleive, because for a while i could not understand why my car could not start…and this mysterious switch was off…so now i wired it up to a push button hidden very cleverly.