What would i use to fix urethane cracks?

My friend gave me his urethane skirts but it has a crack in it… is it repairable? if so what would the process be

Got pics of the cracks?

3M makes urethane repair kits. You would have to get it from a bodyshop supply store. You can also use duramix. Go to an auto paint store and ask for it by name, they should know what it is. What I would do is grind the area on both side, use some wire mesh, like the stuff for grills, heat it up (you want to get it hot enough to burn the polyurethane) and melt it into the piece to hold the crack together. Cover with duramix on both sides, make sure it is flat enough on the back side that it won’t affect how the piece mounts. Sand the front side and use glaze (get at paint shop, kinda like bondo but more flexible and easier to sand) to finish it off. Prime, block and paint.