Wheel Repair

bought some stock GSR Wheels. for my da for only 150 has curb does anyone know any local shops that repairs wheels? or what i can do to fix them?

Just call around your local wheel repair shops and get quotes… well unless you’re very handy with the welder.

Expect somewhere between $75 to $150 per wheel to fix slight curbs from a wheel shop… that’s how much it is here in Cali at least.

if you have power tools then hit it wit a die grinder. I just did my twisties I polished them out and came out BRAND NEW LOOKING. youll spend like $40 to do then all if you polish them. Takes time but at the end its worth it. Email me if you got any questions or if u want pics…

Umm I don’t think the OP wants to know how to polish his rims… I think he wants to know how to fix curbs. Even if you polished curbs on a rim, it will still have curbs… or am I missing something?

Ya i wanna know how to fix them either at a shop or how i can do it for less money. and what tools i would need

i would say it depends on how bad the damage is…

check out the pics on this one


Lol. My bad i mean you can use the die grinder to grind the curb rash down. Depending on how bad it is. Thats what i did for mine. The polishing is done diffrently just letting him know that thats what i did after i fixed my curb rash.

good this is good info.
so when i got my wheels from this guy they got hella curb on em here is some pics of the wheels. and it looks like the paint on one wheels is coming off.



Ahh those are minor curbs… if you’re good with a welder… just weld to fill in the curbs and use a grinder to smooth it out then polish like Sikauto suggested then it will look brand new.

That’s what shops will do to your rims if you were to bring it in…

ok nice. and as for the paint chipping and the wheel how do i repair that?
or can i just spray em?

[QUOTE=Mexicanpollo;2016864]ok nice. and as for the paint chipping and the wheel how do i repair that?
or can i just spray em?[/QUOTE]

The chipping/peeling is the clear coat… not paint. I don’t think those rims are painted.

If you want a nice stock look to it with not having to polish it (your arms will hate you), just get all the clear coat off… sand it, primer it, shoot it with a couple coats of silver and then clear coat it… it will look like new.

Refer to the teg tips on how to paint your rims. Good luck!

I have never heard of someone welding anything to a wheel unless like a chunk is missing, and in that case ive had that done and if you saw the painted wheel ud have no idea it was ever missing a chunk. Usally what I do is use a 36 grit disc on end of angle die grinder and follow in circles around the wheel untill the rash is gone, it does take some time and u need to move in circles to avoid flat spots. I then go over the wheels with a DA sander to sand out the deeper grind marks and from there a good coat of sealer, then I paint them. Ive done to sets of Meshies that where in bad shape to begin with. No one ever new the difference when they were painted though. I don’t have any pics on how I did it, but hopefully within a few weeks Ill have another set I’m doing so maybe then ill write up a DIY for them. The only thing is I do body and paint work and use good car paint IE PPG on them and have all the tools. So it might not be very DIY for someone with limited body and paint experiance.

ok sweet so i guess im just gonna sand the wheels and re paint and clear them

I used a place called Dependable wheel repair, its in Renton but I had two rims that I thought would take way to much to repair but he did both of them for like 95 bucks, and i was in and out in less than a hour.

thanks thats good info. maybe they went down on price since were in a recession. lol :wink: thanks.