Where Can I Get An Ecu????????

HI. im a newbie into cars here since i just got my 91 teg… and i was wondering what everyone is talkin about when they mention how an ECU gives you more HP and how it eliminates the rev limit?? is this true?? if soo… what else does it do 2 the engine?? how much does it actualy increase the power?? and where do i get one?? and does any1 know the price??

any info would be great… thanx

basically you don’t want to buy one until its needed. the better fuel curves and timing really don’t do anything for a relatively stock engine.

typically on the LS engines you won’t worry about gettting an ecu until you have at least upgraded your cams and valvetrain.

check out www.jdmhondaparts.com for some general info on ecu chipping. i’m not sure if they do non vtec ecu’s yet though.