Where can you get an engine block heater?

So, I called Del Ray Acura up and they said that they are discontinued for the 90-93 Tegs… Can I use one from a 1998-2001 CRV with the B20B/Z engines? I figured since they are the same engine family it would work.

BTW, I have an OBD-1 B16A motor in my teg, just so you know.

Do you specifically need a block heater? How about a magnetic oil pan heater? I put one on my engine and it’s working well so far. Car starts up really nice when it’s been plugged in on those cold nights.

I’ve never really heard of anyone using these in my area. I saw your post and did some research online about these, they seem like an awesome idea. If the CRV coolant heater doesn’t work I will definitely try one.

heater plug

check out www.zerostart.com
part # 310006 for acura

shouldnt the 94-01s work too ? im assuming cuz its b series

I was told by an Acura parts man that the 98-01 CRV heater should fit the B16A. We will see when I get it.