where in the??water under the damn dash!

hey guys, it really rained for like 2 days, and when i started my car and turned the air on, water poured out onto my passenger side floormat from under the glove box area. where did this come from and how do i fix it?? it stopped after 10 secs or so, but scared the bejesus out of me.

Mine does this too. Check under the teg tips. But mine doesn’t drain out as long as urs does. Its probably just a grommet that is broken that needs to be replaced.

Mine does it on both of the sides driver and passenger side.
I believe there is a hole by the driver side floor panel where you put your left foot. and the passenger side, the dam water drops under the glove compatment.

There is a fix for this problem under teg tips. look under there.


Front Windshield Cowl Assembly screws and clips are rotting out.