where to put secondary o2 sensor

i need somewhere to put the secondary o2 sensor… i was just going to use the b16 header cause it has 2 holes for the sensors… but my LS only has 1… and the b16 top header won’t fit on the LS down pipe… or at least it doesnt look like it…

what can i do? i need to put the secondary o2 sensor somewhere… how about drilling a hole through the down pipe where the o2 is on the 92-93 integs? thanks

i drilled another hole by the down pipe and and welded a spindle nut so i can the screw the 02 sensor

good idea… i hate the CEL on, so i’m goign to have to do this soon, lol… dont you hate it when you fix one problem and then get another? now my whole left one piece light doesn’t light up… freakin wack

I installed my b16a and I kept my ceramic-coated header from my LS engine. The header has only one O2 sensor, so I spliced in the second O2 wire where the sensor plugs into the first O2 wire. The check engine light never came on after that. So both wires are plugged into one O2 sensor.

oh shiet… good idea… that seems like it should work. i’ll have to give it a try… thanks