which motor mount?

i know my motor mount is bad…but i dont know which one it is…its either the rear or front…i have a lot of vibration inside the car around 1500 rpms…and when i shift the car seems hop and it makes like a thumping noise…does anyone know whether it is the rear or the front one that i need to replace?

Just get a set of polyurethane Energy Suspension motor mount bushing inserts. If one or both of the torque mounts are ripped, these will fix the problem. Everyone says the rear mount is a total bitch to do, but it’s not that bad, if you have a jack & jackstands you can get the job done.

i was told that if i put in energy suspension inserts that it would actually cause more vibration than i already had. is this true?

they will make the car shake slightly more when sitting at low idle, like 6-700, but when accelerating above that, everything is really solid & smooth.