white smoke?

i just bought a 91 engine for my 91 integra. i installed it and its blowing white smoke. at idle its only a little but when i step on the gas it comes out alot. what could this be? thanks,
btw its blowing from the exhaust.

i f it smells sweet it could be coolant. h- gasket. or sometimes if you overfill oil or auto trans. fluid it blows smoke. when i blew a head gasket i had lots of white smoke

awww man!!! dont tell me head gasket. i hate doin them. i can tell if it is by doin a compression test rite?

Yeah the HG would be the first thing I’d check if your motor has higher miles on it.
An extreme could be a cracked head as well, check for moisture in the engine or moisture in the gas…

ok. i did a compression test and it came out (left to right)


now i heard this is good. but i still have white smoke blowing out like a mother u know. what the hell is the problem? im getting tired of not figuring this out. im about to buy a different car cuz im so mad. please help:mad: :mad: :mad:

you could just be running rich… thats the way my car is… there is a lot of white smoke coming out of the exhaust, and you can smell the unburned fuel when you get out too. You can try and get an AFC (air fuel controller) to fix the problem, i dont think ur head gasket is the problem, it might be, but i dont think it is.