why do i have fuel cut???

okay the other night i let my best friend take my car to town to get some shit. and the next day i got in and the car would sputter out, lean out at high rpm’s in full or 3/4 throttle, i asked him what he did and he said that he was doing like 120mph with the gas light on, so i figure that the fuel pump was burned, so i odered a walbro 255 and a new under the hood fuel filter will this solve my problems or am i not even close to what it could be?
thanks guys

that would be my first guess

did ya learn a lesson, dont let your freinds drive your car lol

yea, hes got a point, I have seen WAY too many bad things happen from people letting friends drive the car without the owner in the car

yeah tell me about i have seen to many of my freinds loan their car to someone, and when it comes back there is always something wrong with it

Maybe try the fuel filter first…It’s the cheaper of the 2 and it’s a lot easier to change, well less time consuming anyways. Perhaps the filter is clogged, it appears the pump still works, but of course you can also change it if you feel you need a better pump.

yeah i now know, lol, live and learn i geuss, my walbro 255lph will be here on monday and i will also go and get the filter at autozone that day as well, so monday night i will let you guys know if it does or doesnt work.
thanks everyone for your replys___nick

Could just be the fuel filter… I would replace that first, but since you’ve already ordered the new pump as well, then so be it. Keep us up to date on what happens. :slight_smile: