Why is it low?

I got a 93 integra ls and the idle seems to be low at like 500. I turned up the idle screw to the max and still hasnt moved that well i even check the timing and it was a no go. Is there something else that would cause that that someone else knows about?

thats not a bad idle. your TPS sensor behind your throttle body controls your idle.

I love the way you say that with such certainty.

your TPS along with others sensors determine the amount of fuel used.

have you ever cleaned out your Idle motor on the back of the intake manifold?
think its called an IVAC on these cars. theres is also another temperature controlled valve that controls idle under the throttle body I believe its called the FITV. cleaning out these 2 usually fix the majority of high idle or bouncing idle.
Maybe it will work for low idle was well.

heres a write up on the fitv http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=1564019

bringing this back from the dead cuz i have the same problem. and i have poly mount inserts so its vibrating me to death being that low