Wierd ignition timing quark

Heres my situation:

I just got my timing belt/water pump changed, and i decided to check my timing with a timing gun and i found it out to be 5 degree’s! the specs for it are 14-18 degrees. the car works really good, so i dont think the actual timing is 5 deg. What should i do? i asked te tech. who worked on my car and he kind of Bullsh$%ted me a bit so i just dont know.

wheni check the timing, I trigger the connector under the blower motor, and do the test using the number1 ign. wire.

Any ideas people? this has been bother ing me for awhile

thanks for your time

I had a simliar problem when I changed my timing belt. But I knew the timing was definitely off because I didn’t have nearly the mid- and high-range power I had before. But when I tried to advance my timing, I couldn’t advance it enough.
Turned out that the belt was aligned on the cam gears correctly, but it was off by one notch on the crank pulley.
And I should also mention my car ran SOOO smoothly when the timing was off – just didn’t have power. So sometimes even if you think your timing can’t be off by that much, maybe it is…

Hope this helps!

that might be the problem then, but my power dosnt seem to be that bad in high end
do u remember what the actual timing of your car was when it was off?
i know somethin is up but grrrr i speicifcally asked the tech who worked on my car to do it, he said he did, and its even more off then it was b4!

Well, I can’t get an actual number reading because the timing gun I was using was just the strobe light – no readout. But from what I could see, it looked like it was at about +3deg when I first checked it. After I advanced it as much as I could I think I got it to about 10-11 deg. So that’s when I took everything apart again to find that the belt was one notch off on the crank. Once I fixed that, I was able to set the timing properly.

Check your idle speed too – if it’s not at 700-800RPM when you’re checking your timing, that will affect your reading.

oops just realized that I posted that I didn’t have mid- and high-range power when the timing was retarded. I meant low and mid-range power. Had lots of high-end, but I had to rev it to like 3000 to start from a stop.

sounds like my car, taking off is usally more of a task then it has to be.
idle speed could have been a factor though, i think it was at 1000 or so.
on monday I’ll check it again
thanks soo much for your help guys, i appreciate it!

Just fixed that problem today

As stated above, your timming is off Im almost sure. Pop the valve cover off and put everything to Top Dead Center (TDC) and compare your cam gears. If one looks like its sitting different than the other, your cams are off.And by the way your timming sounds, thats it.
I just popped the timming belt off of the cam gear that was off, used a socket and driver to move the messed up cam and then slowly but surely got that belt back on top the cam gear.
Thats not the proper way I bet. But it saved me a **** load of time, but also cost me the skin on my knuckles. ; (
Hope that helps a little.

sounds liek aplan, but since i got a dealer to do it, i think i am just gonna take the car back and get them to do it, i dont really have time to do any work on my car, i would have doen the belt myself if i did.
u guys are a wicked help