will a g3 Cat blot on to my 1992 rs?

Well I was looking at getting a used cat form a 1992 integra but the damn thing was in the melting stage so I was like “fuck that” so I got around to thinking of droping by the local junk yard. Well on a fast inspection I nmoticed 3 g2’s but the 90-91 models only and there cat is too small…I know for a fact since I have one on and its making a bad leak! Thus I was thinking does any other model that precided the g2’s fit on the 92-93 models???

come on some one has to know! Im going in the morning to the scrap yard and dont wanna be stuck with a cat that wint fit with out any welding! I just want a bolt on cat…guess im gonna have to try and find a 92-93 one then :frowning: