Will it work???

I know vortech makes a supercharger for the Civic Si and it is a direct bolt on. Will this fit on our B17A’s with no problem. Also GReddy has made bolt on turbo kits for the Civic Si and the Integra GS-R 94 and up. I was thinking that the one for the Si would fit. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

NOPE. Turbo kits/Supercharger kits are designed to fit a specific car NOT the engine. At present there are no SC kits for 90-93 Integra’s. There are members that MADE it work, but it’s definately not going to be worth the hastle unless your a glutton for customizing your car

The vortech SC kit would be much easier to make work than the Jackson SC would. It would take some creative fabrication to make it work however.

The biggest problem with fitting kits that are made for different cars is where all the components fit in relation to things like batteries, radiators, fans, cross members, AC compressors, power steering pumps, tansmitions, engine blocks, firewalls, shock towers, engine mounts…you get the idea…