Wrong clutch?

well after i got my tranny and everything on, I went to press the clutch pedal and it just smanks the floor. I went to the engine bay and pull on the clutch lever and there’s not any resistance. Do I have the wrong pressure plate or what? I know the throw-out bearing it clipped to the arm but Im out of ideas

wat excatly did u change? did u put BOTH sides of # 5 in ???

I didn’t change a thing. i bought everything off somebody and put it in my project car

damn i hate wen u buy shit off ppl n it dosent work correctly butt id check that first

make sure that both of the hooks on #5 hook into the throw out bearing. if any of those ends are broken, then replace it. that clutch lever should be pretty tough to pull up on when everything is hooked up right. i’m hoping u didn’t bust any fingers on the pressure plate or anything. let us know

does putting on a clutch for a hydro trans cause problems like this? or what problems are there?