Wut u think of this set up?

I’m finally goin to get a swap done to my car over the next couple of months and I was curious what you guys felt about the setup…also what will it be capable of.

I’m goin to get b18a1 block(127,000 miles), 98 gsr head, itr cams, itr pistons, itr oil pump, ls rods, b16 tranny, itr injectors and all of the other important things.

And of course intake, headers, exhaust, 2 1/4 inch piping w/o cat, back of the car will be gutted, chipped ecu.

I’ve check the prices out and it seems to be in my budget. But i’m no expert on swaps, so I need some info on what you think?

Sounds good except for the ITR injectors which would be OBD2. You’d need to have OBD0 injectors like the ones in your car(I’m assuming it’s a '91). Also you’re forgetting a few things like perhaps a new clutch and flywheel, definitely new head studs, rod bolts and bearings. Also you’ll want to consider what intake manifold you’re going to be using because the '94 and up gsr IM has a dual stage butterfly doo-dad. Most people will suggest the skunk2 manifold as a replacement and a worthwhile upgrade.

Now that I’ve helped you out a little you can search throughout this forum and other websites. I’m not sure what your budget is but I hope it’s flexible. My ls/vtec has already cost me over $3000 and I still didn’t get everything I’d planned on from the beginning. Right now my car is on jackstands in my garage with two engines sitting on the ground next to it. I hope to have it running by Thursday night.

Oh and in the future, don’t refer to the header in plural tense when you’re talking about a 4 cylinder engine. There’s only one! I made that mistake when I was a novice and some jerk busted my balls about it. Just fair warning man. Good luck.

Arent all b series injectors the same? Other then the fact of obd0 and obd1 and obd2