Your Guys Opinion on this irritating problem

Ok i did search, before you guys go SEARCH!

My Car: 92 GS Auto

Here is my dillio… I drive to work right and usually get there about 15 min early so i listen to music for a while and i turn the ignition so i can roll up the windows and bammm the f’n S3 light is blinking… so i’m like oh frick’n great something majorally wrong, but there is no shifting problem what so ever and it only has this problem after running in hot weather so i’m thinking MFR… i got up really early this morning so see if i can get the S3 light to blink, usually if i turn it off and on enough i can get the S3 link to blink and give the same code each time the shift/lockup selenoid… but like i said no problem shifter what so ever… shifts like it did in 92, perfectly… so i’m thinking MFR but there is no post that specificaly says yeah thats the MFR some posts said “i replaced the MFR and it never did it again”

no other problems… the idle is at 500rpm or 450rpm, its a perfectly maintained car with 191k miles on it. guys think its MFR? really wouldn’t like to spend 50$ unless i really have to.

EDIT: the codes from the tranny are 1,2,7,8 which is Selenoid A & B but no shifting problems.

If your car starts, its not the Main Fuel Relay. I don’t have an auto, so I am trying to see a relationship between the tranny and the MFR. There is some type of interlock switch, don’t know if that is involved here or not.

Oh, and your title sucks, should be more like, " S3 light blinking, help"

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X, our old 4dr had those exact codes but drove perfectly fine also. basically the solenoids are getting old and eventually will need to be replaced. also could be that some of the passages are flooded in the auto tranny, happens all the time. after awhile they drain back down and the passages close up like they are supposed to.

that idle is low, sorry, I have no clue on the main problem.

Its not that low…

Well its weird, i’ll turn the car off and remove the key, stick it back in and its fine, but if i turn the car to I and then turn the back to II its will flash the S3 light… and give me the codes 1,2,7,8… but the engine light and fuel relay flip out… the engine light comes on blinks once and then you hear the click from the MFR and the engine light goes out… with the S3 light still blinking… tried so see if the ECU had any codes stored and its fine… no codes what so ever… then i turn it back to I and back to II and the engine light will stay on and the S3 light blinks and no click from the MFR… and ONLY does it after running the car at normal operating temperature. I drive down to the store 1/2 down the road and back and the car doesn’t get warmed up and its fine i can’t recreate the problem… and i got up early before work to see if i could recreate the problem when everything was cold and no go there either…

and from the search i did on the forum people were saying if it only does it when its hot then its MFR… I can’t see all the selenoids creating codes… i could see if it was A or B freezeing up… and the shifting would be problematic… its never shifted smoother to be honest…

Replaced the MFR and boom… went away…

well i never had a problem with the teg like that, but on the accord it happened a while ago, cleaned up the connectors, and went fine for 2-3 months, then all of a sudden the shift solenoid b went out, so the car would drive only in 1st and 4th.