06 TL brake calipers fittment on a da9 (searched)

i work for discount tire and i was working on a TL and seen the bad ass brake caliper it has on the front wheels. i was wandering if anyone knows on wether they would fit on my da or if they have one that looks like it for our cars. i think it would look sick as hell.

NSX brakes can be fitted with some crafty skill… and a deep wallet.

sittin on a high school budget and dont have much skill so that cant be done…

what size are the rotors do the mounts for the calipers even come close to being the same as a da.

you are the one that seen them. the next step is to test fit maybe even some modification.

so if you actually go trough with this it would be nice if you kept us updated in this.

not really. you don’t have to be skillful or have deep pockets. they aren’t that expensive, and they just need some machining, which for what needs to be done isn’t expensive either.