$1,000 best way to spend on performance??

so far guys i got an intake and thats all , ill get headers but what else should i get ? :stuck_out_tongue: :idea:

you forgot to tell us what motor you had

good suspension

Well if your stuck with a ls tranny still, then i would suggest a short gear cable tranny, fidanza flywheel, and something like a stage1 exedy clutch. Thats a good way to spend a grand.

lower it and put rims on it.

Rota 15’ attacks
tokico blues shocks/struts
HR sport springs
Skunk 2 intake manifold

oh sorry lol i was at work wasnt thinking

i got a B18a1 engine, stock tranny , i just bought some coilovers and i have 17" chrome motegi racing rims on new rubber

id like to go vtec but thats prob out of my price range

other then that its pretty much basic bolt ons i guess ? intake headers ect

the clutch idea sounds cool with the tranny would that help performance alot ?

Just want best HP boost :stuck_out_tongue:

go to the library, there is a book for honda/acura performance, it’s by Mike Ancas, im telling you, you will not stop reading until your finished with all the pages and you’ll know exactly what to do with your money, check out the book or buy it


personally, ill get coilovers and shocks for cheap, a stage 2 clutch cuz you never know what the hell you’ll do in the future (boost maybe :hi5: ) Anyways then ill get some wheels and tires for cheap 500 dollars the most, get one pieces, I mean you gotta hunt for 150-200 dollars, The clutch you can get a cheap one around 100 bucks from here http://stores.ebay.com/gripforce-com look on this thread to see what people thought about a ebay clutch but ill do it if i was you (very cheap) http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=144256&highlight=ebay+clutch thats about 800 dollars so far and then with the extra 150 to 200 dollars you can buy side markers for like 20-40 bucks(depends where you find em at) then you can find with the rest you can find coilovers. 100 to 150 dollars you can find very good ones. then you’ll be nice :manual: :dance:

so u got the wheels and coilovers that’s good, but don’t go too low, (3inches)lol, research then youll know why

Save more money :up:

I wanted to boost but I dont want to spend that much $, plus ill start breaking things , wouldnt be good lol

what about those chipped ECU’s ? do they help at all, you can get them for 10-400 $ depending on brand

chipped ecu? depends on what ecu you got. 92-93 OBD1 AND 90-91 OBDO. OBDO CAN BE TUNED WITH URBOEDIT, OBD1 TUNED WITH UBERDAT, CROME, ETC.

i got 90-91 OBDO , i might buy this chip


looks ok , for 10 bucks why the hell not its got good reviews, if it makes 0 diff then take it out :stuck_out_tongue: all i have to gain is HP :o

Used zex dry kit - $250(spray 100 shot, retard timing 2 degrees)
Walbro 255 - $90(so the zex kit bumping the Fuel pressure wont cause problems)
Upgraded Clutch - $250(so the 100 shot dosn’t spin the clutch)
Used b16a/gsr cable tranny - $400(IMHO LS trannys suck)

Total - $990

13 second teg for $1k + some DR’s. :rockon:

P.S. get the tranny before you get the clutch, The 90-91 and 92-93 clutch disks are different.

that sounds pretty freaking sweet, just with the juice its not permanent power unless you take the shot, to be honest ill prob go with that setup.

any other suggestions ? were on a roll :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to go LS / Vtec again , i had a 90 gs with ls vtec, i didnt know ANYTHING about cars back then.
I dont know a huge amount now but alot more then i did lol, the setup seems to be by far the best gains for the cost, the only concern is where to find a b16a head, should I try the wreckers ? also Id have to get a mechanic to put the setup together for me, is it a long process?

I can remember the exact website, but the place is called H&H autoparts in Illinois I think. Its pretty much a Honda grave yard. I have the website at home, I’ll post it when I get off work.

Another choice would be to look here in the classifieds. I have a PR3 ECU if you are going to do LS/VTEC

do you think my 1000$ budget can pull it off ? if i can get the whole conversion it together for that then im game :slight_smile:

homemadeturbo.com :whisper:

Alright , After thinking about this for a while ive decided the best way to spend $1,000 on performance…ISNT , intake, headers , and something else :stuck_out_tongue: that gain isnt going to be enough

2 possible bests would be, that were suggested here are…

  1. LS / VTEC swap - from 130 hp - about 180-190

  2. Turbo - 130hp - 200 ?

the last being

  1. new intake , headers , and something else small : 130 - 160 ? maybe ?

so ive decided to probably go with turbo since the kits are fast to get and easy to find on ebay especially, the LS vtec setup is a bit more complicated to find or put together :stuck_out_tongue:

RacingPoverty - homemadeturbo.com , that website is perfect, i can put a turbo together for cheaper then the ebay $950 kits, thanks alot man

–soon to be boosted 91 gs :stuck_out_tongue: