1.9L B17A?

This is getting around the “ATTN” thread thing ;), but I am hoping Steve will respond to this.

I saw in the other post, that you are planning on doing a stroker kit. If I may ask, which kit are you going with? Also, what kind of numbers will it put out with/without the Toda Bs? I have always heard that the stroker kits are bad ideas for our cars, with the increased travel, stress on the walls, etc. Any thoughts on this?

DAY U IZ, anyone?


Not a stroker kit, I’m resleeving. I plan on putting Golden Eagle 84.5mm high-nodule ductile iron sleeves put in. They’re stronger, bigger and have buttresses to hold them in place. If you seen a picture of them, you can tell there is still enough room for the coolant and over heating shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m using a B17 because the RS ratio is a rev happy one. I plan on reving into the 9,500 range. I can’t tell you about numbers with any kind of certainty, but I can tell you it will be over 200 whp with Toda Bs.

The process costs $750. I believe you can find a link to an article about in the Archives.


Here is the link to the article.



Not a bad price. What pistons are you going to run in there?

Thanks again for the info!

I’m gonna have to get custom ones. I’ll probably go with JE.