1 of 5 car won't start (Solved)

M car is finally back on the road after 8 days. After i posted a thread about my car not starting, all I got was bitching, saying SEARCH so i did’t bother posting anything eles. For those who care The reason my car wasn’t staring was cause My ignitor and coil was fried, and the engine was flooded I ave her an oil change and chaned the spark plugs, it finally statred:)


Thanks for those who tried to help, i Appreciate it

i dunno dude…after looking at your old thread…i think the members pointed you in the right direction…even posting the thread link for you…

i had the SAME issue with my teg a few months ago…after reading past posts, i was able to diagnose the problem…even with the same thread that you were given

Glad that your teg is back on the road :up: