1-piece headlight wiring for Dummies, please!

I am currently in the process of putting in my 1pce lights. Both USDMs are off, the bumper came off easily, that was all cake. However, I have never wired or worked on anything involving wires in my life.

I have both Xtreme98 and someone elses JDM light install guides, but, as simple to follow as they are, I still am too stupid to fully understand how to wire these puppys.

I have just “unplugged” the wiring harnesses from the USDM lights, and all wires on both sets of lights are intact, and connected to their bulbs (ie, no cutting or modifying). Im not sure if the thing I “unplugged” is the complete “wiring harness”, or if its just the housing for the wiring harness. I am unsure because on Xtremes wiring guide, there is a smaller plastic thing in which the wires are affixed to.

Anyway, Im looking for a big favor from someone who knows this stuff and/or has done the install themself. If someone could write up a Complete IDIOTS guide to wiring JDM lights, that would be great :bow: The MORE details, the better, try not to leave Anything out, and do not skim over seemingly obvious steps thinking that I will know what to do, because YES, I am that much of a noob.

Things to be addressed include- (Were?) Should I cut the wires from the USDM harness? What does ground mean? What is a peanut bulb? etc.

I have a soldering iron, heatshrink, and other needed equiptment. If someone could help out a fellow G2ICer, I would be so grateful. I grow up in an anti-DIY “bring it to a mechanic” household and so I have a bit of a learning curve on all this. THANKS!!

I guess it doesnt have to be too too detailed, but would someone just please help me out here.

I really need some assistance wiring these things. I would appreciate it greatly.

Is it true that there is a “conversion harness” to simplify this process? Right now it looks like I would need to splice the wires and do all the work myself. I think I used the term wiring harness improperly before, as all I have are the bulb ‘housing’ and wires.

Please, I would really appreciate a reply.

hey, what i’ve seen as far as conversion harnesses, is at Kragens (maybe named otherwize in other states) has a APC headlight adapter harness. it goes from a 9007 to a H4 (same as jdm H4H bulb plug) you may be able to do that, other then that, you would have to just cut the wires about 2 inches before the harness (stock usdm, incase you may need to re-install usdm headlights) then add wire & female ends to attach to the male end of the bulb.

the bulb’s male ends are larger then normal male/female connections, so you may have a harder time finding those ends.

im not really sure, but if you can find out which honda car came stock with H4 bulbs, then get to a junkyard, you can cut the harness off of the car with plenty enough extra wire to attach onto the wires left from the usdm harness.

do u know which wires go where?

ground is a term for the ( - ) terminal of the battery, which is connected to the chassis of the car. anywhere on the car that you can get a good connection to, or bare metal, is a ground.

the 3 wires that go to the headlight bulb consists of a ground wire, low beam power, high beam power.

how about the fog lights & corner light? have u gotten to those yet? dont forget there are 2 harnesses on the corner lights of the usdm corner. and the jdm headlights only have 1 corner light.


http://www.g2ic.com/tegtips/lighting/6.html here’s a simple diagram of what wires go where on the bulbs, and also it mentions in there that '92 - '95 civics have the H4 headlight bulb i mentioned in my reply…

good luck, hope this helps…

The APC harness is 9007 to H4? Will that work for my stock 9004 USDM bulbs?

no, the 9007->h4 won’t work. you will need the 9004->h4 harness.

9007 has two wires that are switch around vs. the 9004 harness.

ooooo… can he just cut & swap 2 wires of the 9007 harness to work right for the 9004 set?

yep. he can follow the 9004->9007 conversion thread, and then determine which two wires that need to be switched based upon the info.


^ ??

I already have that, as shown in my first post. How is that relevant to 9004/9007? Thanks for the link but Im just curious of what value it has here.

If possible I would like to just find a 9004 harness. Im a bit overwhelmed as it is without having to do a conversion to 9007.

I was just confused why tegboi metioned the 9007. If it was a typo or that 9007 harnesses are easier to find, etc. But thanks all for your input.

i mentioned it, because at kragens, they sell a conversion harness/kit for 9007 to H4. i thought it was 9004 to H4 (easier, so you wont have to cut/splice/etc the stock harness to jdm bulb)

I only posted it cause it’s as dumbed down as i could make it already… the peanut bulbs are those little tiny bulbs in the corner lights and the only plastic bit i recall was the actual bulb harness socket. It’s really streight forward. Are you stuck or did you wire it up and it didn’t work properly?

just cut it an inch or so away from the stock harness and splice away…

I think I am quite possibly the stupidest “Do it yourselfer” to ever exist.

See my last post in the “Ram Transactions” page.

Xtreme now I see how that is as dumbed down as it gets.

Im a disgrace to the badge. :surrend:

if ya need a hand… hit me up on msn… xtreme98@hotmail.com

UPDATE, spliced and soldered the wires today, with a friends help of course. Fogs and mains were easy, as the mains matched up perfectly in the color of the wires too (USDM -> JDM). All works correctly now, fogs turn off on high beam, etc.

–There is however one problem. The blinker lights no longer work. At all. They don’t even flash on the cluster. When attempting to signal either right or left its as if you arent doing anything at all, nothing happens. They were never tampered with (to my knowledge), no cutting, etc.

After cutting the US harness off either the fogs or main lights, the blinkers no longer worked, they were fine before we got started ( i had tested them to see which of the 2 corner lights blinked and which didnt).

The corner blinker lights are exactly stock, again, the USDM harness is still on and they have not been cut and resoldered.

When turning the lights on, at the first “bump” where the cluster lights go on but not the headlights, ONE of the 2 corner lights is lit up constantly. However when you turn on the headlights to the second bigger “bump”, when attemping to signal one way or the other nothing happens.

Does anyone know what could have happened??