1-piece with hids

right now i got some Mercedes HID balasts & bulbs with the 1piece projectors. i’m thinking of going to the JDM 1piece and keeping the hid. it seems this isn’t a popular setup because of the bad lighting due to the headlights cover. in the teg tips, there’s one that “renew jdm 1piece”…could that solve it? or would you recommend me getting rid of the hids, which i dont want to do, and converting to h4.

i recommend you sell me your old projectors for 10 bucks!

for 10bucks i can sell u the passenger side bubble :cross:

would i be able to have high beams if i keep the HID?

with hids im pretty sure you only have low beams.
no but seriously those headlights. like 100 bucks.

yeah…so i gotta figure something out to keep high beams or i can’t pass inspection.

i’ll keep ur offer in mind:D i have to find some other headlights before i can take these out

hmmmm weird, i have HIDs and i still have high beams :shrug:

really? what kind do u have. when i flip the stalk back for high beams the hids turn off and another set of lights turn on. i didn’t think hids have high/low. so i do have high beams but no point to it since the hids are much brighter. but how would i pull that off with a jdm 1-piece

you have to hava bi-xenon projectors to pull it off. i retro a set of OEM projectors on my JDM onepieces. youll have to wire it properly by adding a diode so it stays on when you put your highbeams. if you dont have any knowledge about HID’s, i suggest browsing through hidplanet.com youll find all your answers there. do you already have OEM projectors or do you have one of thos ebay lights with nipples? cause if you have the ebay ones, youllbe surprise how your lighting will get better by retrofitting some OEM projectors in there. let me tell you right now, those ebay projectors suck and are a POS in my opinion. Youll have a much better cutoff since its clear lens compare to the fluted lens on the onpieces which will distort your cutoff. hope this helps. good luck

thanks :cool:

yeah i got the nipple :uhoh: its ugly and that’s why i want to go jdm 1-piece but want to keep my hids. i’ll check out hidplanet. thanks