14 Bolt Final Drive LSD question...??? WITH PICTURES

Hi i have a diff with 14 bolt final drive… IT is an LSD i want to know what car it came out of… s80 but all i can find bout it is a 10bolt… can anyone help me i need a 14 bolt LSD for the final drive.
I just want to know for sure if i can use the LSD of the ITR civic or s80 tranny
This is a pick of how my LSD looks…

I read that it is from the 94 civic SIR and Integra S80 transmission…

Here is a picture from the inside of an ITR transmission, supposedly JDM 4.785 FD but the owner says its a USDM transmission.

umm ok… i’m sill confused what you want? you have an ITR tranny but no LSD?

14 bolt LSD’s came out of anything that was NOT a ITR or CTR. dont worry about s4c, s80, or watnot…if its NOT from a ITR or CTR… its a 14 bolt

this means all factory option LSD’d b16s, b18cs and etc etc.

therefore if you want an LSD for your 14 bolt… you know what cars to get them from. make sure your FD matches the amount of bolts on your LSD

wow ok I’m going to take pics of mine today It is identical to it the guides have been shaved down to make tHe LSD fit

THANKS alot for your help

guides for the most part should not have to be shaven down if its a 14 bolt, b16 style diff. i have not seen a b18c 14 bolt lsd.

if you have the thing apart, i’d say to upgrade to a 10 bolt… much easier to swap FD’s and LSd’s in the future… but a 14 should suffice for anything under 250-300 whp

Brian has learned from his own experience, trust what the man says.

And he is right, if it’s a 14 bolt the casing shouldn’t be shaved. From the factory the casing should not be modified. It is possible that your diff was added at the dealer or a tuner shop…

Get yourself a 10 bolt and a world of options open up.

thanks alot but unfortianatly i already order the diff :frowning: from the 94 SIR but w/e imma buy a ITR next weekend just for the future…

ON ANOTHER NOTE :slight_smile: I RECIVED THIS :slight_smile:

Part # Bore Oversize Stroke Rod C/D Head CC’s C/R With .040 Dome CC’s Gram Footnote Ring
262320 84.00 STD 3.504 5.934 1.181 42.7 9.0:1 -13 313 T JG1004-3307

for when i put my heads on
i also order the Eagle Rods they should be on the way :slight_smile:

I tried posting a thread about my build but its not there no more :frowning: i dont know why…