14 in rims too small?

I found two sets of mugen rims that i see locally. 14 inch mr5’s and 14 inch cf48’s. debating if i should get these new shoes.

what do you mean by too small? too small as in will they clear the brakes or looks? stock wheels are 14" so they’ll fit. as for looks thats totally up to you and no one else.

They should clear the brake with no problem if 14’s as redtegra stated. Check the width of the new wheels, too.

I picked up a set of CRX phone dials for my 99 Civic without even thinking about that. I ended up selling them after sanding and painting since I didn’t feel like spending more money on hub-centric spacers etc.

apologies. i was referring to the looks. much appreciated.

Personally I love my 14’s, I try to use 6 inch wide wheels with 195/60r14 on my 4dr and if it’s lowered clean it’ll pop. But that’s just my view just like the other guy said it’ll ultimitly be up to your opinion of how it looks on your car

I was planning on sticking with my stock aluminums for a while till I can get the offset/size wheels I really wanted for my car. This is nice to hear that it would look good but how dropped would I have to be to really make it work right? I’m on the fence about getting the Koni/GC combo since I could use the money in some other areas. I have a pretty steep driveway and don’t want to park it on the street since it has been stolen once already with nothing done to it.

for appearence like wat everyone else said thats up to u, i personely like big rims i got a set of 17’s. lol

a 2" drop with stock wheels looks very nice. i find dumped on stock wheels looks retarded plus you increase body roll. i used to have a 3"+ drop and now i’ve raised it to the highest my koni/GC can go and it’s the perfect ride height for performance and looks. the lower control arms are perpendicular to the ground which is what you want for the performance side of things. plus i don’t bottom out anymore so it’s a win win for me.

personally i think 16" are perfect with a small to large drop. 14’’ are gunna look stock. it you go with a bigger rim you can put a wider tire on. most of them mugan wheels makes me wanta barf and for the price you could prob get some gram lights.
when i first got my car i was 16 and got some 14" borbets because i didn’t want to get new tires. year or two later i got some 16" enkeis with some summer tires and could not be happier with them except if ya don’t use up the summer tires in 3 years they dry out but you get MEGA traction over the stockers. but in the end its your car so just look at pics

I can vouch for 14 inch Mugen MR5’s. They clear my calipers. Riding on 185/65/R14 tires, and I’m lowered a good 3 inches. No rubbing whatsoever. cambered -3.5 degrees all around. They look good to me. next set of tires I might go with a slightly lower profile. like 55 or 60. Gonna repaint mine though, as they don’t look very pretty up close. LOL