15x8 +35 wheels

looking to get 15x8 +35 TE37 soon and wondering if they will clear the stock brakes and if i will have to roll the rears. thanks in advance

Those wheels are popular but you can get a decent idea using the sites below. Compare using the:

1993 Integra 6 spoke wheel 14x5.5 +40 offset
1995 Integra Fat Fives 15x6 +45 offset

If you have either of those. Or use the specs for your current wheels. 15" will clear the stock brakes.

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I just fit a set of 57DR’s in the same spec. I went with 205/50R15 Nitto Neo Gen’s. No fender rolling, spacers or modifications needed (Other than adjusting the rear camber). I dont have many good pics of it yet, but the couple i do have I have love it.


Thanks for the pix. Do those tires actually help protect the wheel rim? 205 tire with a 8-inch wheel – they’re pretty much identical widths.

These were 15x8 +28, with a 205 tire they didn’t need rolling and did not rub on full lock but I wasn’t too low.

As for brake clearance you wont have to worry about clearing stock brakes. It isn’t until 45 or greater offset you will have to start worrying about clearing big brakes like ITR swap or Spoon etc let alone stock ones. Hell there was an old port on honda tech showing GSR blades clearing spoons, I want to try that out!!


Thank you very much! I’m not too sure what you mean by protection though?

Some tires have an extra little bulge that help protect against curb rash.

Oh i thought that’s what you meant. I mean hopefully it protects it, but at the same time I really hope i never need to find that out either lol

I managed to curb my 8 wide wheels with 205 tires, they still stretch a tiny bit unfortunately.

I’ve seen “wheel protectors” and “wheel guards” available. They are colored. But I don’t know how good they are for protection / staying on the wheel.