16 inch 98 spec jdm itr wheels on da9

I was wondering if anyone has pics of a da with the 16 inch jdm itr wheels? I’ve never seen it done and I was considering eventually buying a set of the rota r spec which are basically a 4x100 replica. I

Google search FTW.

You can also look for pics of Enkei Tarmac wheels since they’re a very similar design. If you’re going for that look then personally I’d look for some Tarmac’s so that I was actually getting a quality name brand wheel. Plus, the Tarmacs will hold their value, you could buy a used set and as long as you keep them in good condition they’ll probably be worth the same, or maybe more, if you ever go to sell them. With the Rota’s they’ll drop to about half the value as soon as you buy 'em.

Thanks, I didn’t see that image and I had searched google. I’ll consider those wheels but Im not really concerned about the rotas losing value. Either way I’m not getting wheels for some time so I’ll do more research.

it just too easy i did my with the [h=1]5x114.3[/h] with ITR wheels