17" Rims

ok…I just got me some 17’s Im not really Sure How much I should Lower my car… Any suggestions… and What Type Of spring should I get?

Really all depends on how low you want to go. Look through the Full Member Listing to see pics of G2’s on 17" rims, and see what set-ups everyone was using. I had 17’s on my car before, and I am only running a 1.1" drop, because I didn’t want to replace my stock shocks (Once you put on springs that are lower your car more than 1.5", your stock shocks will probably blow, and I couldn’t afford to replace my stock ones).

Hope that helps…

can u drive with blown stock shocks?

mine arent’ blown as in fluid leaking out or anything. just when you push the rod in, it doesnt come out any more or just takes forever to. i’m still driving on them right now but i it does affect how the car absorbs the shocks and bumps. and if it’s lowered, it will give you that bouncy ride but that also depends on your spring rates too. mine arent that bouncy now but more bouncy than when my front shocks still worked.

also about 17 inch rims…with them it doesnt seem like you need to lower it that much and it looks good already. with 1 to 1 1/2 inch wheel gap, it still looks good and acceptable. with like 15" rims and 50 or 55 series tires, the car looks best with very little or no wheel gap. but the tucked in look is a bit too low for me.

with 17’s a drop of 1.75-2" would be good. and with 15’s a drop of 2 - 2.5 would do. you might want to get coilovers so that you can adjust the height to your likings.

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can u drive with blown stock shocks?

ummm…u can but :down: if u love ur car… the performance will be crappy @ best…i dont understand how someone buys new springs but doesnt buy shocks to go w/it… thats about as ricey as altezzas. imo.