1990 Integra GS Water Pump

So, I bougt my integra here about a month and a half ago now, and at the time I knew I would need to take it in for a once over, just to see if they pick up on any issues I’m not picking up on, or to look at some thing that I don’t even know how to fix. I’m new to working on cars in general, so I don’t know much (although I am learning) and I had a question for you all. The guy at the repair shop says the car needs a new water pump, fair enough, the thing has been on the car since 1990, the car has 250 thousand km on it. He also told me, and in order to replace the water pump, they would need to retrofit, something…? because the newer model pump won’t fit without some mods? (I’m gonna call him tomorrow for the details) keeping in mind the shop isnt some japan tuner shop, its a standard run of the mill auto repair spot here in town. My question is…am I being fed one hell of a line here? Or does this sound remotely possible to anyone. Anyways, thanks for the help all.


They don’t need to retrofit a water pump to fit. tell who ever you took it to, to go back to school and learn everything the right way. What kind of a idoit is he anyway? reminds of the time of this repair shop I took my teg to try to say I needed new shocks b/c it was leaking when in fact I just got the car wash and bought it in for service. Never went back there again. I advise you have the guy call up acura and acura will tell him how much of an idoit he is. He in my own 2cents dosn’t know what he’s doing. Better off finding a new repair shop that knows what they are doing.

Cool, thats what I was thinkin. I called him today, turns out I misunderstood, s’all good. I checked into it and I’m not being fed crap lol. Thanks for the reply tho, it kinda reaffirms what I was thinking. Peace,

If your going to replace your water pump, you might as well replace your timing belt and tensioner. It requires the same labor and all you have to do is pay for the parts.

What makes him think your water pump is failing anyway? Is your car overheating? Is the pump leaking fluid out of the weep hole?

Aye, both are being replaced, it does make sense, and yea, she heats up fairly quickly, so.