1990 Integra Rear Sticker

I have a 1990 Integra and the rear sticker in between the tail lights has partially peeled off. Could someone please help me find a site where I could purchase a new one of these? I’ve searched the site and google and ebay and couldn’t find anything. Please help :]

i just found it at acuraautomotiveparts.org. you can find it under “emblems.” the part number is 52732 and it is $16.58.

thank you for finding that for me. How can i be sure thats the right part? I want to make sure before i purchase it

i would call them. the “integra” sticker only came on the '90 i believe, because there was no “A” symbol until 1991. if you tell them the year, it should help them eliminate incorrect items. i personally have never ordered from them before, so if they help you out, let us know. they appear to have a lot of parts for our cars as well as other acuras.

Mine is a 90 and It didn’t come with one. I personally think it looks better without it.

btw how do u take the damn sticker off, i want it off!!

by searching…



On the rear of my Sedan I removed the Acura and the Integra emblems and left only teh INTEGRA sticker in the center… it looks cool…