1990 integra stock intake question

their are 3 hoses attached to the stock intake. how do you take out the 2 hoses from the top? i tried to pull it out, but it didn’t come out. i also have a intake that has only 2 holes, can i put the 2 hoses from over the top into one hole?

I’m pretty sure they just pull. Probably just kinda stuck if they’ve never been off before.
And for installing the new intake, you’ll need a T fitting to put 2 hoses into the one hole.

on my intake i only got two hoses connected to it. but what u can do is find the vaccum hose that connects to ur intake and plug it up wit sumthin else(i seen it done).

the best thing is to detach from the engine side of the hoses first. then remove the pipe and detach. then if you go to autozone and look for splitters for windhsiled fuild hoses you can split the single input into to. buy some hose that fitxs over your short ram nipple, and then will fit onto the Y splitter you bought. From there you should reattach the two smaller hoses and reconnect them to the valve engien throttle bldy and twherever the other one went and attach the other side into the free openings on the Y splitter. i’ll get a pic of it when i get home tonight. you’ll prrobably have to buy some hose for the vlave cover hose, but theyt sell it by the foot at autozone.

paymepunk - a pic will be very helpful, thanks.