1990 LS - New Member - Toronto Canada

Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to 2nd gen ownership as I only started my project in 2019 - long after the peak of the forum days, but I did find great threads throughout my time building up my car.

I picked up a 1990 LS YR89/honey beige metallic, and it was my was/is my first actual introduction into working on older Hondas. It’d already been manual swapped with an LS YS1, although I did eventually find out it still had the automatic ECU which held rpms up to maybe 6500rpm. Anyways, I didn’t really have any clear direction which way I wanted to go with the car and just abused it at the track and on backroads with the B18A1 for the first while. Gutted the interior…really made a mess of the car until I realized how difficult it was to find the OE parts for these things. So as of late, I’ve swapped the motor/trans and been working on piecing it back together so I can enjoy an ACTUAL 2nd gen Integra as a whole, both on the street and at the track. Below is a quick run down of some of the things that have been done, it’s pretty run off the mill:

-Stock B18C5 long block, bought with unknown mileage out of a wreck with a cracked post mount, had to get it helicoiled, honed out and rebuilt to OE spec with rings, bearings, stock valve job. Stock ITR injectors/intake manifold/tb.
-My motor mounts are kind of mickey-moused together being an automatic chassis, rear and driver mounts are Hasport 68A and the trans is an old auto/manual Innovative. Would love if Hasport made a nice billet auto-manual cable mount.
-B16 Y1 LSD trans, luckily enough a friend was willing to sell me his old small spline he never used. This shares the 4.26 final drive as an LS trans, so I still feel like my gears are on the long side.
-Innovative linkages, ACT 12lb flywheel and a stage 1 Exedy
-Misc bolt ons: PLM Toda replica header, HKS catback, GESI hi-flo cat, Hondata s300
-Dyno’d at 184whp/130wtq

-Tein FlexZ 10/7k F/R with eg forks/K-Tuned camber/toe kits & traction bar, no name 22mm sway bar
-I had the mini cooper BBK setup for a while and ITR calipers, but now I’ve since swapped to a set of old Spoon twin blocks with the same rotor size. Pads are just Hawk HPS and I used braided Stoptech lines.

-Momo Montecarlo wheel on a boss hub
-JDM XSI rear seat
-Being a Canadian car I have reason to believe the floor is actually different because we do not have automatic seatbelts. Someone donated me a Sparco 600 series USDM seat bracket and only 3/4 holes lines up. I had to order a RHD, passenger side (ie. our driver side) seat rail from bride to mount an old Bride Brix 1 seat I had.
-Phase 2 floor mats, thank god these are back in stock

Exterior is stock, wheels are 15x6.5 +20mm Volk TE37s (2000) with 205/50/R15 Falken Azenis R615K+. I had a beat up set of JDM lights with PWD harness but sold them both for USDM, I like amber I guess.

That’s all really, the DA scene up here in Toronto is a bit quiet (with this much salt and snow go figure) but there are a core few guys who still bring their car out now and then. I hope to continue learning about these and try to contribute as best I can!!


Solid set up

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Awesome stuff!

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