1991 integra rs A/c help...A/c not running cold

[SIZE=3]Could anyone tell what’s wrong and maybe some prices of some parts. I know my integra has the R-12 a/c system.My friend told me it’s probably the Condenser,evaporator,and o ring.Need help…Btw the a/c lines are still in very good conditon and not leaking.[[/SIZE] :shock: :slight_smile:

Just take your car to a A/C repairer and tell them to do a leak test. If that isnt the case them you probably need to re-gas the system and at the same time it might be better to retrofit to the R-134A system.Over time the old gas tends to be less efficient and take into respect that these cars are over 10 years old now…

yeah seanLS has a good point, this summer that passed, about half way through it my a/c ran out! i was steaming, but i put up with it. the car is already 10yrs old so i’m not surprised it ran out, so i have to get a re-charge. if u want, just to be safe, get it checked out for any leaks and stuff like that as mentioned above. laterz