1991 Rs Charging Help?!!

Hey everybody, I have a 1991 integra RS. I thought the alternater went out so I bought a used one from a wrecking yard. Much to my dismay after I fought the ole one out of that little hole between the axle and the fire wall I fought the new one in place and it still dosn’t charge. I took it back off and brought both alternaters to the starter shop and had them checked. They both are working fine. SHOOT!!! What now? The battery is new and the starter is just fine. Any thoughts would help. Thanks

It has to be a wiring issue. Try cleaning all the contacts on the main power cables to the battery, starter and the alternator. You might need new cables. Also check over the ground wires. I believe there are 2, one from the valve cover to by the radiator and the transmission one that is underneith the side mount.
Good luck!

well, i figured it out. I lost a ground between the engine block and the frame. Thanks for your help.