1992 acura integra gs clutch probem

Hey G2IC,

Well I was racing my car and when i drop the clutch at like 4k rpm i heard the engine rpm rising and then i didnt hear my tires spinning, so i knew that my clutch was slipping badly. Well after that I was smelling the clutch smell coming out the engine bay. Whenever I release the clutch it engages at the top now, before that whenever im on a hill the clutch will engage higher. So I knew my clutch was bad but now its really bad. So where can i get my clutches at. i wanna replace flywheel because it chatters, pressure plate, clutch bearing and all the other stuff.

Find an authorized e-tailer and order one online?

replacing of the flywheel is not necessary as you can usualy turn it down and make it flat agian for a minimal cost. that is unless your looking for something a little more performance oriented…

The chatter is probably caused by your clutch, not your flywheel. So unless you are looking for extra performance, just get the flywheel resurfaced and visually inspect it before you install your new clutch.