1992 Acura Integra GS-R in San Francisco South Bay Area


Cash only. Listed at $3800 but I will to let it go to the highest bidder within a couple months.

Thank you for your interest,


No engine bay shot, Collin? I think this DB2 was talked about in the forums recently because of the wing styling. However, I remember it being dropped and a body kit maybe?

This one of your many G2s?

Good luck man

You might be thinking of the other “Colin”?

Thanks TegFan. Engine bay shot? Sure I’ll post it some time this week. Upholstery too I suppose. The spoiler is part of a 3 piece, but I didn’t bother putting on the sides. They’re stashed away somewhere and of course go with the car. Parted the oem spoiler a long time ago. I’ve never dropped it or put on a body kit. Probably a different GS-R.

Hahaha you are correct Mike! Colin, Collin, white DB2s, CA… Ah…Makes clear sense now :slight_smile:

Sold. Thanks g2ic.

Thanks Collin. I wish I woulda bought it for myself but my buddy should take care of it. The system sounds really good. Felt good driving it back.