1992 DB2 GSR Milano Red @92_db2

Old pic from 2009/10

1992 Acura Integra DB2 GS-R # 1665
Milano Red

Updated pictures soon!

“OLDGeeSeR” was the previous owner of this GS-R if anyone knows or remembers him


Milano red just a classic color.

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I remember that name…

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Yea man… OLDGeeSeR is my uncle. I was lucky enough to be the one to take ownership of this GS-R just last year.

Sounds familiar :thinking:


Keepin’ in real in the family yo!

Post new pix.

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Soon bro soon. Got the car on jack stands right now & been slacking. Just started a new job so I only have the weekends free now.

I know the feeling.

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Very nice indeed!

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