1993 LS B16A Swap

I want to do a swap on my 93 LS and I want to get my motor from HMO. Which package is the right one (easiest) the 30001, 30002 or the 30003? What issues do I run into? Do I get to keep power steering or do I have to do something crazy with the power steering to make it work? What about OBD-1 OBD-0 issues?

Basically, can someone let me know which changeover at HMO will be the easiest for me (novice to engine work) to swap into my 93 LS?

u can run this. shouldnt be a problem. i would say the xsi but im a jdm nut so i like to keep my car within the era. its a complete change over so u shouldnt need anything. not quite sure on the distributor tho i think u need to cut the front plug for it to work. not quite sure so dont quote me on that.

Which changeover shouldnt be a problem? That is what I am most concerned with.

slinky - :tsk:

futriacomatraco - Did you read the B16 Swap Guide & Engine Swap Guide in the TegTips section?

The 30003 is an OBD1 (same as your car) 'full swap". It would be the “easiest” to complete. The other 2 are from OBD0 cars, and would require more work to install. Not to mention (I believe in all 50 states) it is illegal to install an engine that is older than the chassis. There is nothing crazy with p/s, a/c or anything like that.

Just don’t expect to drop it in and go. You should assume ALL maintenance parts need changing. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, filters, oil & filter (d’uh), timing belt, water pump, etc… They are guaranteed to start, so it may work fine out of the box, but why run the risk?

Thanks Wraith, I read the swap guide and from what I understood I needed the 30003 package but I wanted someone to confirm it. I plan on doing full maintenance on the engine when it arrives and before I install it. In the guide it says I need to run three wires for the Vtec, these wires go from the engine to the ECU? Are there any other wiring issues? If so, is there a diagram to show me or is it pretty straightforward.

umm why are u shaking ur head? the xsi is the 003. its 92-93 as well. so whats the problem, its all grey plug so in reality there shouldnt be any head shaking.

slinky - Perhaps the head shaking is in reference to you giving an vague answer to a multi-part question (and not the first time either). If someone asks you “is the answer A, B, or C”, you don’t respond with the JDM model trim of the answer. You are then assuming that it is obvious you are referring to the 30003. :think: YOU, may understand your response, but it is useless if the OP doesn’t.

futriacomatraco - The swap guide is basically telling you that you should use your stock harness with that engine and you will have to add the wires mentioned that will go from the ECU to operate the VTEC solenoid. In some cases when you do an engine swap you may have to extend some wires for connections, but nothing crazy.

my bad. i guess i assume to much. im uesed to boards that acutally have knowlegable people who ask ? but no what im refering to when i give them there answer.
hmmm and the second part was pointeless to this point cause the 003 is obd1 to begin with so trying to do a 0bd1-0 would be pointless.

Assumptions are the Mother of all F-ups.

In that case happy Mother’s day.

Thanks Wraith.

Slinky, in my first post I said I was a novice, menaing a limited amount of knowledge in engine swapping. If someone is asking a question it’s because they obviously don’t know the answer or need reassurance. Too much information is better than not enough information.

Now that I have a pretty good idea I think I can do the swap with a couple of people to help me. Since the engine is from Japan, how do I obtain the timing belt, water pump, seals, plugs, wires? Can I get the maintenance parts at the local AutoZone?

For the most part the B16A is comparable to the B17A1 (USDM 92-93 GS-R). If you do a little research you will be surprised just how many parts are interchangable between all the B-series engines. If there is something B16 specific you can also compare the parts to the Civic Si that came with the B16.

Thanks. I think I’m going to go ahead and do the swap this summer.