1994 b18b1 LS engine (Auto) with ECU

I feel retarded for asking this question, I should be able to answer this, but some help on this I sincerely ask. My 1992 Integra engine overheated thanks to a mouse. Mouse chewed the thermal stat wire, which came off, and the engine overheated, i was lucky enough to get the car home thanks to the cold weather. Long story short, I am purchasing a b18b1 LS engine from an auto 1994 integra. I bought the ECU for $80. If I remember correctly the 1994 is OBD1, I think OBD started in 1997. My 1992 Integra is a OBD1 wiring harness setup. the b18a1 and B18b1 from my review and knowledge are almost identical. Still wondering where the extra two HP comes from. So that is when I decided to by the 1994 ECU with this engine. My question is, being the ECU is from an Auto, is the air/fuel map any different from the Manual ECU? And other dumb question, the 1992 ECU, should run the b18b1. So all truthful answers that you members have, I am all ears.