1997 type r swap into a bd (1990 4 diir integra)

:dance:I want to swap a 97 integra typr R MOTOR into my 1990 4 door integra.
My question is if I wasp the motor what transmission can I run.
Am I able to use a GSR trans on my type r motor.
Also how difficult will the swap be.

You can run any B-series transmission. Best to use a cable transmission.

The swap is easy.

yeah you can run aby b series tranny and its easier to stick with cable trannies since thats what you already have. Most folks would say to get a hydro tranny since it works great with the itr engine. try to stick with a b16 tranny if you want to stay cable or look for a gsr tranny if your going hydro. Ive seen both sold with lsd differentials so you might get lucky.

Thnaks guys, really appreciate the info
Do you know where I can get a GSR Tranny for a reasonable price?

[QUOTE=manchild;2197223]Thnaks guys, really appreciate the info
Do you know where I can get a GSR Tranny for a reasonable price?[/QUOTE]

By GSR, I think you mean the DB2 GSR cable transmission. Good luck finding that transmission, as it’s hard enough just to find a DB2 these days.

It may be easier to source a cable transmission from an early B16. Don’t use an LS transmission as the gear ratios are not properly matched to the engine, which may lead to dissapointment.

I got lucky and found a YS1 short-geared transmission equiped with LSD, athough I did pay a pretty penny for it.

Another option: If you still have a cable YS1 (92-93 USDM DA). You can also swap over all the gears from any hydro b-series tranny including the differential into a YS1 cable transmission. I swapped over all of the internals from a hydro S80(type r) with no problems. The OEM LSD does fit with some VERY minor grinding of the transmission case. I wanted to stay cable, because I liked the direct feel of a cable over a hydraulic conversion. It also saved me the cost of buying a conversion kit and finding a good condition short-geared YS1 was next to impossible (especially where I live).

Concur with wise_old_dragon. I have done the same thing. Pay attention to the specs and clearances if you want it to last.

just something wise_old_dragon forgot to mention is that the usdm bseries internals are all the same, not the jdm b trannies with lsd. and stay away from the 88-91 trannies since you cant swap parts from a 92+ trannies.

Are you talking about the JDM YS1 ? Could you tell us what the differences are ? Thanks.

USDM B-series internals are NOT all the same.