1st Gen B16 in a 92LS?

I have been seriously considering swapping a B16 into my 92ls w/145k on the stock B18. I was primarily looking at the 1st gen. B16 because of the price. However, I was told by a shop today that this was not possible, or maybe I misunderstood. Someone give me some insight on this. I believe the reason had something to do with 92-93’s having a hyrdraulic tranny. I know you have to swap in a tranny as well, so why would this matter. The shop also quoted me $2700 for a 2nd gen B16, that sounds like a lot to me? I was hoping on finding a 1st gen B16, doing some mods, and swapping it in for $2500, is this realistic? If $2500 is all you have to spend, is it even worth it to do an engine swap, or should I just do mods to my LS engine, if so, where should I start? All I have right now is an aftermarket intake, and I’ve removed the intake resonator, thats about all I’ve done for mods. TIA.

read the vtec swap guide!!! all the info you need on the swap is in there.

not only is this swap possible, but also very simple.

you don’t have anything to worry about with the tranny. the first gen (89-91) b16a’s came with a cable tranny, your car is also cable tranny----its a strictly bolt on affair.

you should be able to get a full b16a swap for under $1200. Then you’ll need to sell the ecu, dist, and injectors. You can re-use your stock injectors, and even your stock disrtibutor (if you can’t find an obd1 dist). Then you’ll need a 92+ vtec ecu (if you get a 94+ gsr ecu you will need to have it chipped for it to work).

Like i said before, read the vtec swap guide in the teg tips. Everything i said (and a lot more) is there.