2.5 litre .....Bseries?.......

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Then tell me if you are (like myself)- “giddy as a school girl with vibrating panties.”


I’ll take one school girl… oops I mean one shortblock please. I want to get hold of the miracle fuel maps that Tom Payne makes as well. I am not keen on bending my hood though.

Do you actualy have a Votech SC? I have a b16 and was thinking of this…

That Payn guy said the block will only be .550" taller than stock. Might be able to get away with not bending your hood.

It has a 95mm stroke. What other B-series engines have that long of a stroke? The old B20’s and B21 in the G3 Prelude, which are universally known to have too long of a stroke. There are going to be lots of stresses going on inside that engine. That long of a stroke would obviously necessitate a complete buildup. And I do mean COMPLETE buildup.

The base form of the block (85mm bore, 95mm stroke) will get you 2156cc of displacement. Just for comparison, an H22A has 2157cc of displacement with an 87.122mm bore and 90.678mm stroke. An H22A has a redline of 7600 RPM. Think about the amount of strength that this Payn block will have to posess to rev to 8000 rpm.

Definately not for the faint-of-heart or wallet.

I remember Bill Crower had a B series with a deck plate running a 95 mm stroke. I think the redline was about 9000 or so. L’Natural also uses a similar setup. So the concept isn’t anything new to the world of competitive Honda racing. But yes, we’re talking full buildups here and weak need not apply.