2 problems need help with!!!!!!

The first problem is, sometimes when i start the car and i have my windows down; from my engine i hear this sound like a fan going on with a kinda ticking sound. And ITS NOt my radiator fan. It does it for like 3-5secs. It’s pretty loud too. Second problem, the happens every once and a while, but after warming up, my car starts to idle when stop at or light or whatever, around 200-300rpm. Especially if I touch stuff like brakes, any electrical thing. Thanks

The fan like ticking sound could just be the antilock pump adjusting the pressure in the system.I get that every now and then.It was happening regularly for a while then i got the ALB system bled and refilled with new fluid and the problem for the most part went away.BTW once my car hit the 5 year mark I started getting all the fluids changed yearly.I have caught a lot of potential problems early on.I don’t know about the idle problem.