2009 Annual Branson Meet

Yes indeed ladies and germs, it’s that time again. Time to start prepping for the 2009 Annual Branson Honda/Acura Meet, Sponsored by yours truly and TDC Motorsports.

Dates: May 28th – May 31st

Location: Still Waters Resort Branson Missouri

Contact: Tammy is on vacation. Contact Todd or Joe (i think) 417-338-2323

Room Cost as follows:

“Motel” rooms - 79.95/night sleeps 3. 1 bedroom.

“Hotel” rooms - 159.99/night sleeps 4. 2 bedroom.

Reservations are Under the TDC Motorsports Name.

As usual, if you don’t follow the instructions I post here, you’re on your own.

Get those tools out and start wrenchin’. This years meet will be focused a bit more on the cars, but don’t worry, this is as much a vacation for me as it is for many of you. We will still be having a kick ass time as we always do. I anticipate more fresh faces this year, and I even have a new steak recipie to try on you all.


#1) Manny +1, Casey +1, Nick, Matt
#2) Julie, Enrique, Brian?

that race last year was the shit.:rockon:

As this has already spread to plenty of other forums, going to post an update here?

Branson is probably a bit far for me, unless I can combine the trip with something else.

Ill be there!!!

Time to finish the body work and get a paint job.

How about a cruiz down Highway 248? Lots of good curves on that road.

Any pix of last year?

anything new Iceman?

Call and book your rooms!

Since I live in Springfield, ill just drive down there too the meet. No need to spend $$$ on a hotel room.

I hope you guys dont mind my car. It is in the middle of having its body work done. It might be half primer gray and half Horizon Gray when you see me.

Would like to take a big cruize though. I know of some good roads around there.

If you haven’t already boooked your room, you’ll need to call the resort and see if they have any open space b/c the rooms I reserved have all been filled.

see you guys in a couple of weeks.