2015 norcal ef vs da meet-sunday august 30th @ the san leandro marina


HobbyTown USA - Concord, CA
4525 Clayton Rd, Concord, California 94521

the meet is not at the san leandro marina anymore, change of location as of a couple of weeks ago. Sorry for the late notice. Hope to see you all out this sunday

Will plan to come out to this !!

As long as it’s a da or ef your in haha

Will plan to come out to this !![/QUOTE]

I would like to make it to yours , no promises tho

or DB? haha

Dude you have to come, to floss them new mugens!!

Rad, my DA should be together by then, I’ll go

I hope to make it this time lol I missed out on the last one plus the one in Oakland after we got booted by cops in the Treasure Island because of that rich peoples wine tasting eh!

last year I couldn’t go cause my boss had me working Sundays. Now i’m the boss!!! So ill definitely make it out to this one!!:wink:

Definitly gonna make this one! Last year was a blast with some OGs from the bay area that came out. N meet some new faces too.

Who is all going, any one going from the Merced Modesto area?

I was told location has been changed to
Hobbytown USA
4525 Clayton rd.
Concord, ca

Could someone confirm this, thanks

Yes I am pretty sure that is were it is.

Will there be any cute girls there?

repair shop to do r12->r134 ac conversion

Sorry to hijack the thread but anyone in Norcal recommend a shop to convert my AC from R12–>R134??

Didn’t know where else to post this info

If I recall all it is are fitting you can get them at orally,pep boys,napa an so on then just a a/c recharge