2door and 4 door windshields the same?

I was wondering are the 2 door and 4 door windshields the same?

i would think so. dont see why they would be different

Well i was just thiniking that maybe the windshield pitch is higer then the 2 door?

naw im pretty sure they are the same

The four door windscreen is indeed higher than the coupe.

yes they are different.
Like was said the 4dr windshield is taller because of the different angle.

100% for sure different.

just confirming…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thought so, grr oh well looks like I am going tohaveta get a new one nuts…

they are different. for the coupe its a fw633. i work at a glass shop, i dont know the 4dr part # but i know they differ because you can do a vehcile x-reference and the 2dr have there own w/s. dont buy mexican w/s or junkyard w/s oem quality because it does matter.

how abt the JDM front windscreen? I have a JDM 1992 DA5 2 door coupe and the windscreen just cracked and I need a replacement…can anyone help me to get the OEM part number for the front windscreen and is the usdm one the same as in JDM.

I am in UK at the moment and Honda needs the part number as the car is rare here…