2dr exhausts fit 4 dr?

If I were to buy a RSR catback for a 2 dr will it bolt on to the 4dr I own? 1990 integra Ls is my year n model

Also one more question. Does anyone know how these exhausts run. Ive seen some pics where the exhaust runs all down the left side of the car like almost under the gastank. and other I seen look almost completely stock and go over the axel back like the stock exhaust. Or does it depend on what one I get?

Another question. Anyone find me somewhere I can get a decent quiet bolt on cheap.

yes it will fit i have a 2dr tanabe cat-back on my 4dr

It depends which 4 dr you have, 90-91 are different from 92-93 I believe. I think 90-91 have an extension piece coming from the header somewhere. My friend had to extend his Thermal cat back a little bit, other than that, everything else was fine.

Its the opposite I think. I kno 92-93 2drs have the extension piece. Im pretty sure I dont on my 4dr. Also there any websites where they got their bolt on cheap?

The 4dr is 6inches longer. We get all the ladies! :rofl: