3" DASBY DESIGN cat back exhaust for DA

This exhaust is fantastic and made about 10ft/tq over the thermal exhaust. I had it made by Thermal for my business. i’m blowing them out as i’m selling the business. It has been a great ride and now moving on to other ventures.

The exhaust fit and finish is exceptional. It looks clean and sounds great!


email me for a faster response at vitoman1977@gmail.com

I saw your ad on craigslist (or somewhere?) a while back - was great to see someone making a new part like this and I’m disappointed you’re moving on. But I suppose not a surprise there hasn’t been much demand. Exhausts look great, wish I could get one like that but a true 2.5" for a B series :slight_smile:

Hey, now that I’m looking at your email… I wonder if we met before. Do you have a black K swapped Integra you were trying to sell? Did you sell me some tail lights - I think we met up in Burbank or somewhere up there.

Hey Colin, sorry for the huge delay. I’m not sure why i wasn’t notified of your response on my email. Actually, i haven’t moved on. I’m still very active in the import scene. Yes we did meet and i did sell you those tail lights. lol. Unfortunately, i did sell it. It was a great car. I got tied up working on a mazda Rx7 and radiator kit. Now I’m back on the integra. I’m looking for the k20c1 as well as other builds for the DA.

hope all is well. The guy who bought my car was very impressed with the exhaust. He ended up crashing the car 6 months later. He ended up selling the exhaust for 800.00!