$300 for shipping on a B16A?

I have gotten responses from 2 dealers and is $300-$350 the going rate to ship just a B16A?

Yep, thats what it’ll cost you from almost everywhere…

That is damn expensive. Especially considering the thing weighs less than 300lbs. I know the shipping companies charge less than half that.

Can you arrange to use your carrier?


If you know anyone in Japan, it’ll greatly reduce the cost of the engine itself. The junkyards charge you around $200 for a b16a or sometimes free. I paid only $100 shipping to Hawaii…I guess thats how all these Engine-Selling Companies make their money. Japanese people don’t recycle, they like everything brand new - rich bastards.

This is what I don’t understand. This is what 2 engine recyclers have told me already. Shipping to a business is $185, but shipping to a residental is $300.WTF. Why is there such a big difference there???

Shaun, the rngine will be brought on a pallot(sp) by a semi truck. A business most of the time has a loading dock and a pallot jack, residents do not. So it is cheaper and easier to ship it to a business. make sence?


I was so on Nyquil when I wrote that:lol: so if it doesnt make sense I am sorry:bow:

that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I need to find a shop to get it shipped to…

and certian residential street’s do not allow commercial vehicles over 6000 lbs. on them… so they charge you more cause they have to move it with a different truck (more time theyhave to pay for a loader to move it from one truck to another)…